Privacy policy and Cookie policy

Privacy policy and Cookie policy

  1. Contact details of the data protection officer – email: [email protected]

  1. 2. How do we collect your data (legal basis of processing)?

2.1. LUNARO, a service company, collects personal data directly from you when entering into and executing mutual contracts, as well as during actions that precede the conclusion of contracts (offers, inquiries, reservations, requests within the framework of ordering products or services, sending inquiries or requests related to our products or services), or based on your consent, through the internet site as well as indirectly when you want to buy and/or use our services and goods through intermediaries or agencies, i.e. when you exercise the right or use our services or buy our products as part of the business cooperation we have with our business partners, or based on another legal basis. Furthermore, we also collect personal data when you make it available to us yourself e.g. as part of registering as a user of our services or filling out a contact form on the Internet, as a member of our assistance services, or as a user of other services, by filling in forms or by sending an email, and in similar situations in which you have chosen to provide us with data.

2.2. 2.2. Use of services and goods: When you want to enter into a contract with LUNARO, place a request for an offer, request a reservation of LUNARO services and goods, and in any case when you enter into a contractual or business relationship with LUNARO, we will need your data to provide you with a service or enable the use of our products or services by your request or to respond to your request. When placing your request for services or products or when entering into a contractual relationship with LUNARO, you will be informed of the type and amount of data that you are obliged to provide us to fulfill your request, i.e. concluding and executing the contract (personal data that we collect for this point may include your first and last name, OIB, company or organization name, address, telephone, e-mail address, driver’s license data, your card data, and other data as required by the specific contractual relationship).

2.3. 2.3. Use of the website: You can view and use our website anonymously, as no data is collected that would enable your identification as an individual, and you are not obliged to provide us with your data as a condition of use pages. We may store data for various security reasons when you use our website. Such information may include the name of your Internet service provider, the Internet page through which you connected to our site, the Internet pages you visited from our site, and your IP address. These data could lead to your identification, but we do not use them for that. From time to time we use this data for statistical purposes, but at the same time, we ensure the anonymization of each user so that person cannot be identified. By entering personal data in the designated fields on the Internet pages, you confirm that you have voluntarily made your data available and that you allow them to be used for the purpose for which the data was provided.

2.4. 2.4. Consent: LUNARO may request your consent for the processing of your data for a purpose that is not, by its ultimate purpose, a condition for the execution of the contract or a legal obligation of LUNARO or is not necessary for the conclusion and execution of the contract or is not in your legitimate interest (e.g. for marketing activities, offering new products and services, etc.). You are not obliged to give consent for such processing, but you are free to give it, and you can withdraw it at any time if you have given it The request for consent must be presented to you in such a way that it can be clearly distinguished from other questions, in an understandable and easily accessible form using clear and simple language

2.5. 2.5. Processing based on legal, statutory, or other grounds: LUNARO as a legal entity is subject to legal and statutory obligations, which may also stipulate the obligation to process data to fulfill the legal and legal obligations of LUNARO In that case, LUNARO fulfills its obligation to process your data based on these legal regulations.

  1. For what purposes do we process your data?

3.1. We process and use your data for the purposes for which they were collected, as well as to fulfill LUNARO’s legal or legal obligations, e.g.:

  1. a) to execute a contract in which you are a party and to take actions at your request before concluding the contract (e.g. booking and renting a vehicle, etc.);
  2. b) For the purpose for which you gave your consent (e.g. to offer new services or products; testing satisfaction with services, etc.);
  3. c) If the processing is necessary to comply with legal and legal obligations of LUNARO (e.g. accounting, delivery of your data to the competent authority if the vehicle you used was used for an offense, etc.);
  4. d) If the processing is necessary to protect your key interests;

  1. 4. Do we share your data with third parties?

4.1. The data we collected from you and about your remain in the LUNARA databases Your data may be provided to third parties:

  1. a) when it is our obligation according to the law or in response to legal proceedings, or to the request of competent law enforcement institutions in connection with misdemeanor, criminal, or court proceedings;
  2. b) to protect our rights, privacy, safety or property, and the public;
  3. c) for administrative or technical support (e.g. to our accountants) or other business purposes to facilitate transactions with you (e.g. for rent through one of our partners, to provide help/assistance through our partners, etc.);
  4. d) to analyze our data, perform mobile analytics services, or maintain and improve our services (subject to confidentiality agreements, if appropriate);
  5. e) to seek appropriate legal remedies and limit the damage that may be caused to us;
  6. f) to implement the terms of any contract or business relationship with you or our terms and conditions of the website (e.g. to carry out service or repair vehicles at one of our partners, to mediate the financing of the purchase of our services or products through leasing companies or banks, in order to create an insurance policy for a vehicle when you want to buy a registered and insured vehicle from us, etc.);
  7. g) to process transactions with our subsidiaries, business partners, intermediaries, or agencies through which you contracted or requested our products or services;
  8. h) in other cases with your consent.

4.2. 4.2. Personal data may be transferred to another legal entity in the event of a transfer, change of ownership, reorganization or merger, or termination of the LUNARO business or its assets to another company.

4.3. We may disclose your personal information to third-party service providers (such as a payment processing service provider for the purpose of billing for goods and services, an email provider who will send you notifications via email on our behalf, or under service providers as part of customer service, leasing companies or banks with whom we have cooperation regarding the financing of the purchase of our products or services). These service providers may be located in a country different from your home countries, such as the United States or a member state of the European Union. These service providers are contractually obligated to maintain the confidentiality and security of your data. However, your information may be available to government authorities by applicable laws.

4.4. In cases of data sharing with third parties, LUNARO will prohibit these parties from using your data for purposes other than those agreed upon and will oblige the business partner to maintain the confidentiality of personal data.

  1. Period of storage of personal data

5.1. The retention and storage period of your data depends on the type/category of data, the purpose for which they were given or collected, and the laws or legal obligations to which LUNARO is subject. . We keep personal data for as long as required by law or as long as it is necessary to provide the requested service or to carry out the service or purpose for which you have given your consent unless the law provides otherwise (e.g. in connection with ongoing legal proceedings).

5.2. Data related to the legal and legal obligations of LUNARA are stored for the period prescribed by the relevant laws – for example, the obligation and term of keeping accounts and accounting documents (which also contain your data) are prescribed by the Accounting Act.

5.3. Data for which no storage period is prescribed by laws or other regulations are stored for a reasonable period, taking into account the category of data and the purpose for which it was collected. Data collected for a specific purpose will only be used for that purpose and will no longer be actively stored after a reasonable period has elapsed and that purpose has been fulfilled Anonymized data may continue to be used for statistical and marketing purposes, archiving purposes, and other analytical purposes. When providing this data, you will be informed of the storage period, i.e. the criteria by which the storage period of this data is determined.

  1. Your rights regarding data processing

6.1. About all your data stored by us, you have the right to (i) access to personal data, ,(ii) correction or addition of data or (iii) deletion or (iv) restriction of processing, and v) the right to object to processing and data portability and has the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory process regarding the processing of personal data (Personal Data Protection Agency), all by the current regulations on personal data protection. If the processing is based on consent, you have the right to withdraw such consent at any time, with effect from the date of withdrawal of consent.

6.2. 6.2. You can submit a request to exercise your rights from the previous point to the personal data protection officer’s contact details. In your request, you need to provide the necessary information about yourself so that we can respond to your request.

  1. Are you obliged to give us your data?

7.1. When you require LUNARO to provide services, make a request, ask for an offer, or make a specific objection regarding the contract or its execution, it is necessary to provide us with your data, which are necessary for your identification as a user of our services and finally for the conclusion and execution of the contract, for solutions your request or complaint. Therefore, in these situations, the provision of your data is a legal and contractual obligation necessary for the conclusion and execution of the contract, for the resolution of your request or complaint.

  1. Is there automated decision-making at LUNARO?

8.1. At LUNARO, automated decision-making is not applied, nor is your profile created.

  1. Security of your data on the Internet

9.1. The LUNARO website ( protects your data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. Data on computer servers are stored in a controlled, secure environment, protected from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

  1. Application of cookies

10.1. On our website the so-called cookies – text files placed on the user’s computer by the internet server used by the user. The files are created when the browser on the user’s device loads the visited web destination, sending data to the browser and creating a text file (cookie). The browser retrieves and sends the file to the server of the network destination (site, page) when the user returns to it.

10.2. Cookies are used for the functioning of all website features and a better user experience, and they can be temporary (they are stored only during a visit to the website) or permanent (they remain stored on the user’s computer even after the visit).

Third-party cookies are used by to obtain statistical data on visits and usage of our websites. The data that is collected includes the user’s IP address, information about the browser, language, operating system, and other standard data that is collected and analyzed exclusively in an anonymous and mass form unless it is about the user’s data. The LUNARO website ( does not contain cookies that enable programs to run or install viruses on your computer.

10.3. The pages use Google Analytics statistics, and the rules on third-party cookies can be found on Google Analytics. We may occasionally collect data about how users use our website using other tools similar to Google Analytics.

10.4. Preventing cookies: If you do not agree to their use, you can easily delete (or prevent) cookies on your computer or mobile device using the settings of the browser you are using. You can find more information about managing cookies on the pages of the browser you are using or at Since the purpose of cookies is to improve and enable the use of our websites and their processes, please note that by preventing or deleting cookies, you may disable the functioning of these features or cause them to work and look differently in your browser.